Benefits of OsteoStrong for Skeletal Strength

Until now, there were few exercise-based non-pharmaceutical options that offered significant increases in bone density in a safe manner for even the most high-risk patients. OsteoStrong offers a highly effective, evidence-based musculoskeletal strengthening program that can be used to compliment pharmaceutical treatment and as a preventative protocol.

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For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that specifically affects bone density. This means your body is either losing too much bone, or producing too little bone, resulting in weakness that could increase your risk of a broken bone. Bisphosphonates are generally the first line of defense for patients diagnosed with osteoporosis. Unfortunately, the risk of side effects can make this a complicated decision. By using OsteoStrong, you help encourage your body to naturally increase bone density and strength to fight against osteoporosis.

How effective is OsteoStrong for osteoporosis? Members have experienced up to 14% increases in BMD over 12 months between DEXA scans.

For Athletes

Many athletes think first and foremost about muscular strength, not bone density growth. However, skeletal strengthening helps protect against fractures, can eliminate plateaus, and encourage muscle growth. If your central nervous system’s neural inhibition sees your bones as not being strong enough, it will limit your muscular power in order to protect your skeletal system and joints. By strengthening your skeletal system and increasing bone density, you will unleash your potential muscular strength, giving you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

For Balance

Beginning around age 30, we naturally begin to lose muscle strength. One of the symptoms of the decline in musculoskeletal strength is a loss of balance. Through OsteoStrong, we can help you see an almost instant improvement in your balance and agility. In fact, many clients report an average of 77% improvement in balance after just the first five sessions.

For Diabetes

There are multiple proven, safe approaches to treat type-2 diabetes and metabolic dysfunction that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other. However, as a single therapy, OsteoStrong showed the best performance in reducing HbA1c, or long-term blood glucose measures. Those with type-2 diabetes should also look to OsteoStrong to increase skeletal strength as those with the condition have 10% less bone strength than individuals without.

For Posture

Thanks to the unique, simple way that OsteoStrong sessions engage the entire musculoskeletal chain, dramatic improvements to posture can happen quickly at all ages.

Why Bone Health Matters

Bones are the framework for our entire body; it helps us move, protects vital organs like the brain, heart, and lungs, produces red and white blood cells, and stores minerals. Overall, there are 206 bones in your body, and when one breaks, it takes an average of 12 weeks to heal. Your bones continue to gain density until age 30, but density will begin to decline unless you get enough exercise, calcium, and vitamin D. There are roughly 52 million Americans affected by osteoporosis and low bone density, with one out of two women over the age of 50 experiencing a fracture.

By keeping your bones healthy and strong, you are also helping prevent a decline in overall health, lower your risk of fractures and falls, and continue to remain active with less pain and more strength.

OsteoStrong will help you improve your bone density and strength safely and effectively without medications or other more invasive treatment methods.