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About OsteoStrong Sessions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Making an appointment helps us limit the number of people in the center at one time, as well as ensure there is a highly-trained, certified session coach available for you throughout your osteogenic loading session.

How much does OsteoStrong cost?

Prices will vary between OsteoStrong centers due to leasing, personnel costs, etc. We offer different monthly plans, as well as unlimited add-on services without long-term contracts. The cost of OsteoStrong is typically lower per session than many popular therapies, such as massage, personal training, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

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Does health insurance cover OsteoStrong?

Unfortunately, traditional health insurance does not typically cover OsteoStrong sessions. However, sessions are quite affordable, generally costing less than most insurance co-pays.

OsteoStrong & Your Health

Does OsteoStrong build muscle?

By strengthening your skeletal system with osteogenic loading, your central nervous system recognizes your body is better able to handle more power, increasing your overall strength output. Members of all ages have achieved an increase in strength by 25% in just one month. While OsteoStrong won’t necessarily increase your muscle mass, it will help you achieve more strength and benefits when performing other workouts.

Does OsteoStrong do anything for weight loss?

Yes, but it is minimal. Muscles are the primary engine of calorie burning, and OsteoStrong does trigger tissue growth within the muscle fibers, helping you process glucose better and burn more calories. Diet, however, is responsible for about 90% of weight loss, so while we can help your body work more effectively, you will achieve true weight loss by improving your diet.

How long until I start feeling results?

Results will vary from person to person, but generally, here’s what our members experience:

  • Joint & Back Pain: In general, members experience pain relief in 1 to 12 sessions. Once pain is gone, participating in regular sessions will continue to develop your joint, bone, and surrounding tissue. Continuing your sessions will help prevent the return of joint and back pain. 
  • Skeletal Strength or Bone Density Increases: For a DXA scan to show an increase in bone density, members typically require 6-12 months of OsteoStrong sessions.
  • Balance Improvements: Most notice personal balance improvements in just 1 to 2 sessions, and will continue to improve with several sessions afterward.
  • Muscular Strength: Regardless of fitness level, many will feel overall strength gains after about 4 sessions. Regular sessions will continue strength gains for many years. Some members may experience periods of plateauing in measured strength gains, but have patience as benefits will continue!
Can I do more than one OsteoStrong session per week?

Research has shown that more frequent sessions will actually slow the results of osteogenic loading. In order to trigger a bone adaptation, members would ideally hit loads of 4.2 multiples of body weight or more. The bone adaptation then needs time to grow, which is why it is recommended at no more than once per week. For some members, this may still be too frequent, and a session every 10 to 15 days may be more effective, so your frequency will depend on your body’s needs.

Can I do other exercises along with my OsteoStrong sessions?

Yes! In fact, you can achieve great results by performing other exercises in addition to OsteoStrong sessions. Because OsteoStrong strengthens your skeletal system, your mind will sense it is more capable of handling stronger muscles, unleashing your muscular strength. We do recommend, however, that you do not perform a workout immediately before your session.

Can I use OsteoStrong if I have had a hip or knee replacement?

Yes! OsteoStrong will actually help to strengthen the bone around your hip or knee replacement. Sessions are also great for preconditioning before hip or knee replacement surgery. Be sure to talk with your physician before starting OsteoStrong sessions.