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The Fast, Safe, & Simple Way to Build Bones, Strength & Balance

At OsteoStrong Ladue, we utilize new technology that allows you to strengthen your skeletal system and muscles, improve your posture and balance, and relieve joint and back pain in just 10 minutes per week. We promise that 10 years from now, you’ll be glad you started OsteoStrong today!

Experience Life-Changing Gains

OsteoStrong is a membership-based Integrated Health and Wellness Center with a focus on Musculoskeletal Strengthening. We work with you to ensure you experience a positive change you will see and feel. Our skilled technicians help improve your bone density, muscular strength, balance, and overall health.

By using OsteoStrong’s unique program, we are able to offer benefits across all ages and levels of conditioning. Our members report life-changing gains in power, posture, bone density, balance, agility, and overall physical strength and wellness.

*Strength gains vary by individual. Baseline markers are taken during your first visit and measured and monitored for improvement in those areas over time.

Improve Balance, Posture, Strength, Power, Agility, & Energy with 60 Seconds of Energy

OsteoStrong is based on cutting edge, scientifically-advanced technology that works on the foundation of everyone’s health: the musculoskeletal system. This technology stimulates the skeletal system through a process called Osteogenic Loading, which activates your body’s natural adaptive response resulting in Osteogenesis. Studies show this unique system is able to trigger brief but precise levels of force necessary for the musculoskeletal system to grow stronger – safely without pain, soreness, or fatigue. The best part? It takes only about 10 minutes once a week.

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Services at OsteoStrong Ladue

OsteoStrong Spectrum is a patented Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System (RMDS) consisting of four separate devices that allow members to briefly self-load many multiples of their body weight onto their musculoskeletal system. We also offer several other unique services that work together with OsteoStrong to help improve your overall health, including:

Joovv Red Light & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Therapeutic PEMF

Whole Body Vibration